Borrow more for energy-saving measures

Borrow more for energy saving measures; only few homeowners do it. Read more about the possibilities for a higher maximum mortgage.

Take sustainability

Take sustainability

The Rutte 3 cabinet has set itself an ambitious sustainability objective in the coalition agreement. To reduce CO2 emissions, the coal-fired power stations will be closed in the long term and the gas connection to new-build homes will disappear.

Homeowners also have to make sustainability a step further

Homeowners also have to make sustainability a step further

According to (Home Affairs) this is not happening enough now. In an answer to parliamentary questions, she mentioned the lack of knowledge among homeowners and mortgage advisers about the financing options as a cause.

For example, in 2017 only 2.1% of NHG mortgages made use of the additional financing options under the guarantee. The Minister is therefore entering into a dialogue with the sector to resolve the bottlenecks.

Borrow more with energy saving measures

In 2018 you can only borrow 100% of the home value. You must therefore finance a renovation completely out of your own pocket. However, an exception is made for energy saving measures.

  • If you are going to make the home more sustainable, your maximum mortgage will be 106% of the home value.

The maximum mortgage is also higher when buying a sustainable home. Because the energy bill has less pressure on monthly costs, you can borrow more based on your income.

  • With an A ++ or higher you can add up to 9000 euros for your maximum mortgage.
  • If you buy a zero-meter meter, you can borrow up to € 25,000 more.

The above applies to mortgages with and without NHG and is not only interesting when purchasing. Homeowners who want to increase or refinance their existing mortgage with a view to making it more sustainable can also borrow more.

Not a goal but a means


Ultimately, a higher maximum mortgage is not the goal, but a means. The ultimate goal is to make the existing housing stock more sustainable and a lower energy bill for the individual homeowner.

A goal that we fully support at Dolly Varden. We therefore offer you the option of having an expert calculate the financing options for energy-saving measures without obligation.

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