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There is no doubt a lot of money to save on a well thought out and sensible housing economy.
Before deciding on an insurance policy, you should read the insurance terms carefully. The terms can vary quite a bit from one company to another, and you should make sure that the insurance you take out meets our needs. In general, it is difficult to compare the offers from various for the insurance company. However, there are so many differences in the premiums that you should examine the market carefully before deciding completely.

Two main types of insurance are common in connection with a home.


The building insurance covers damage to the building itself as a result of fire, water leaks, natural disasters and the like. It is possible to extend this insurance to cover damage such as rot, fungus, pests, etc. Building insurance is always the homeowner’s responsibility.
Home insurance covers damage to movable property such as furniture, clothing, ornaments, electrical items, carpets, curtains and more. The cause of damage can be fire, theft, water leakage, vandalism, etc. A homeowner must pay the home insurance himself unless he rents a furnished apartment.

It is possible to obtain discounts on insurance.

You can get lower premiums by increasing your deductible. You can get a security discount by installing security locks, fire and burglar alarms o.1. By combining all our insurance policies into one company, you can also obtain various forms of discounts.

Over the past few years, home values ​​have risen a good deal.


Also, other factors than those shown in the calculations above should be taken into consideration when choosing between renting and renting. If you are expecting a price increase for housing, it may be an advantage to own the property yourself. If, on the other hand, you expect a fall in value, renting may be the best choice. Although history has shown that home values ​​can change a good deal in both directions, the long-term value is probably quite stable. Otherwise, this is a reason why you do not expect loss of value or depreciation in the cost calculation for a homeowner.

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